Week 1 Progress - #newbodymakeover

As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, here, I have been following the 12 week new body makeover challenge, and it is nearly the end of week one.

My progress so far was quite good, actually I think it went really well. The meals have all been really good. At first I thought I would find some of the meals strange and I lacking taste, but boy was I wrong, everything was delicious and it kept me full all day. There weren't much moments were I wanted to snack on unhealthy  stuff, and I managed to beat the temptation and kept to my plan.

During this past week, breakfast was my favourite meal of the day. Lets see what week 2 brings!

Sunday's Meal 1 
Tuesday's Meal 1

Wednesday's Meal 5 - Although it doesn't look it, it tastes delicious.                              

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