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I am so excited about my latest purchase. This different from my usual purchases as lately I have put my mind on being healthier and I have started eating clean and trying to exercise most days. 

I am currently following a blog called blogilates which I find really interesting and supportive and the creator also designs and sells training gear and stuff which are really cool and most of which includes motivational quotes. 

Having new stuff keeps me motivated and I have decided to try and have a colourful and cool workout wardrobe ax this makes it more fun to keep up with :)

My purchase includes:
  • A blue yogamat with the quote "Train Insane or Remain the Same" which I will look at while working out and feel like quitting. This lovely mat came in a cool black bag with the blogilates logo
  • A 2014 fit journal with motivational tips and some awesome recipes
  • The pop pilates dvd
  • And a mint amd black yoga pants with the "train insane" phrase
I am so pleased with my purchases everything is of amazing quality, I will definitely purchase more items.

Do you follow blogilates? Amd have you purchased any of the products?

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