12 Weeks New Body Makeover Challenge - done!

So the new body makeover challenge is now over. I managed to stick to it around 80 to 90% of the time, and I am quite happy with my results. This challenge changed the way I feel and think about eating and making healthier choices.

To be honest I did start this challenge during a challenging time being the Christmas season and all, and this is not any sort of excuse, in fact I have managed to stick to it most of the time, despite the food temptation and being really busy.

I have tried to do meal prep and this made it much more easier to follow the plan especially during a very busy work schedule, however I did have some failures with my meal prep and as I came to realize some food is better left unfrozen such as apples and celery stalks. But as the saying goes... you learn from your own mistakes and have been trying new ways to meal prep. I'm far from good at it and any tips and suggestions are highly appreciated :)

I will try to stick to clean eating as much as possible and will definitely incorporate some of the recipes from the plan in my daily meals as I really loved some of them especially the breakfast ones.

I need to work more on my exercise routine, I have kept on with it for around 2 months, but I have been sick lately and couldn't keep up with my routines and I have sort of lost my tempo. I need to work on it to re incorporate exercise as a part of my daily routine, not only because it keeps me fit but because it seems to improve my mood, reduce stress and makes me feel more energized.

This was a really interesting challenge, it felt hard at time but was definitely worth it :)

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