First Impressions: Emma Hardie Amazing Face ~ Natural lift and sculpt Moringa cleansing balm

I've been looking forward for this cleanser for a long time. I've been hearing a lot of raves about this product and nearly all reviews were of excellent ratings.

My thoughts on this product are pretty much the same. To be honest I was expecting the texture of this product to be much thicker and solid, but infact this has a really soft texture with a light and refreshing smell. Basically this is an oil based balm, it feels very soft and nice on my skin. I usually hate the feeling of oil on my skin but this balm is completely different, it feels so nice and refreshing.
I tend to suffer from eczema on my face and when I do have these eczema break outs, it is very difficult to find a cleanser that does not sting on my skin, even ones for sensitive skin usually sting and leave me with red patches on my fave, but this balm was different.

How I use it:

I work the balm between my fingers and then massage it on to my face, I usually massage the balm on a dry face, leave it on for around 5-10 mins than wipe it clean with a soft white flannel and my face feels so clean and soft.

If I've used make up or sun-care I double cleanse to make sure all residue is removed.

If mixed with water, this balm turns into a sort of creamy texture which is also nice but I tend to do this for my second cleanse, I use it on dry skin for my first cleanse.

From my experience I really recommend this cleanser especially for people who like me suffers from eczema, I found this really beneficial and it does not leave my skin tight after cleansing.

Until next time :)

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