12 week challenge - #newbodymakeover

I've been following a blog called blogilates for quite sometime now, which is a health and fitness blog, and I like how easy she makes healthy eating and living. Recently she announced that she collaborated with weight training  and produced a 12 week meal plan for a total body transformation #newbodymakeover, which I am really excited for. I signed up for this meal plan which will start on the 1st of December. I just received the plan a couple of days ago and it seems really good, all the food in the plan seem really tasty unlike most diets / "healthy meals".
(image adapted from blogilates.com)

The plan comes with a fit journal which is really cool, but unfortunately I am still waiting to receive it, but I will definitely start the challenge this Sunday. My only concern is that some of the food might not be easily available in Malta (which is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea), but I will try to substitute for something else, if you are doing this challenge and have the same issue, let me know .

(image copied from ogorgeous.com)

Well I though I should document my progress to keep myself motivated into finishing the 12 week challenge and adapting my eating habits.

If you follow blogilates or will be following this meal plan let me know how it goes :)

Until next time!

Sephora Purchases

Following the Kiko Purchases post, I've recently also visited a sephora store and I couldn't decide on what to choose as I really liked a lot of their products. I finally decided on 2 main scents being Peony and cotton and as much as I wanted to try a lot of their makeup products as well this time I settled for more body products.

The first item is a shower gel in Peony which I haven't tried yet but I really love the smell which is a lightva fresh floral scent.

Two more products are a hand cream and a body butter in the scent cotton, and ohhh I cannot stop smelling these products it is so light and clean and fresh and it is one of my current favourite scents.

The last couple of products are a small candle in cotton, and two small handbag friendly sized perfumes in peony and in cotton and last but not least a lipgloss in sheer nude pink which smells and tastes amazing mostly fruit like.

I am quite impressed with these sephora purchases, this was my first purchase from sephora as these are not available in my country but I certainly hope it wouldn't be my last!


I really like nails and nail art but unfortunately I am not very good at designing my nails especially my left nails since I am left handed, but today I did this nail design which is really simple and I thought I should document it for future ideas and reference.

All I used for this NOTD is a dotting tool, and 2 nail polishes, which in my case were Mavala in 164 Rose Dust, which is a nude brownish tone which I used for the base. Then I used and purple glittery polish for the dots which is Essence in 112 time for romance.

I dotted one dot at the bottom of each nail bed except for the thumb and ring finger where I dotted 3 vertical dots and covered the tip of the nail in dots on my thumb, whereas I dotted 3 diagonal dots on my ring finger.

If you have any simple nail design ideas please let me know, I am always looking forward to try new designs.

Until next time

Kiko Purchases

As mentioned in my Whats in my travel make-up bag I have recently been abroad and once I had the chance I couldn't resist going into Kiko and try some of their products.  

I wanted to try quite a lot of their porducts as they all seem amazing and are very reasonably priced but I ended up settling on 3 lip products which I really like.

Kiko - Extra Volume Lipgloss in no 10

First product is a very thick and shiny lip gloss (extra volume lip gloss pictured above) in a very light pink colour. It is quite nude on the lips but it gives an amazing  plump and shine.

Kiko - Crystal Sheer Lipstick in 411

The second product is a sheer lip colour in very light pink. I wanted a lip colour which lightens my lips as my lips are naturally quite red most times and this product does the trick without it being too pigmented or thick. It is also quite moisturising which is a plus in my books.

Kiko - Pencil Lip Gloss in 07

The last product is this lip gloss pencil, which I have never had anything similar  before. This pencil doesn't really give much colour, but being a very nude pink it gives almost more than I expected and it gives a lot of shine as well. It is not as glossy as the first product mentioned but it gives a nice shine without leaving your lips feel sticky and unnatural. 

As you may have noticed all these products are of a pinky nude shade which was what I was looking for, I am currently trying to build up my lip collection and I quite like a nude lip, but most of the nude lip products I own are more brownish tones and I wanted some alternative pink shades. I am very happy with my selection and I really like these kiko products. My only disappointment is that I did not purchase more products and these are not available in Malta. Well maybe next time.

Favourite Brushes & their uses

To be honest I haven't tried a lot of brushes in my time, but I love the ones I use on a daily basis and at the moment i don't see myself changing them, although I may add more to my daily routine.

My most loved brush is the Real Techniques stippling brush, I've used this for nearly everything; Foundation, powder, powder blush, cream blush, as this blend make up really well leaving it look really natural and sophisticated. On a daily basis I use this brush to blend my blusher which I apply using my Real Techniques Contour Brush, from the Core Collection. This brings me on to my second brush.

The Real Techniques Contour Brush, which I use to apply blusher. My face features are quite small so I found this contour brush perfect for applying blusher (powder blusher) Initially I use this brush to apply my blusher on the apples of my cheeks then use the stippling brush to blend it in and make it look as natural as possible.

One more brush I use daily and I consider to be one of my favorites is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, I use this brush for powder and foundation. I like to use this brush for powder or cream foundation but I don't think it is the best brush for gel or liquid foundations. I have yet to find the perfect brush for such foundations, if you have any please let me know :)

Have you tried any of these brushes? Which are your favorite brushes?

October Favourites

This month I have tried quite a lot of new products especially when abroad and I've grown to love most of them, however in this post I will include my most favourite products including both recently bought items and items i've been using for a while.

My most favourite product at the moment is a face mask which is the origins charcoal clay mask. I've been loving this face mask for the past 3 weeks and I've been using it once a weej as instructed. I can honestly say that I have seen imporvements in my skin since using this face mask. I've recentky been having a lot of breakouts but since using this mask they have reduced and my face feels and looks cleaner

Another favoutite at the moment which I have been using for a couple of months now is the emma hardie amazing face cleansing balm, which I find really soothing, cleanses really thouroughly without it being harsh on the skin.

One product I have recently tried and will definitely purchase more shades of is the mua colour blast eyeshadow tint in shade stay. I'm loving this product as it is super easy to apply, and is nearly impossible to mess up application even on the go.

My last 2 favourites of this month are lip colours, both my rimmel which both leave my lips soft and moisturised as well as having amazing nude lip tint.
Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in shade not too nude
Rimmel long lasting colour rush in shade drive me nude

I've been liking quite a lot of other products but I don't consider them my current favourites, maybe I will grow to love them more in time.

Until next time.