I really like nails and nail art but unfortunately I am not very good at designing my nails especially my left nails since I am left handed, but today I did this nail design which is really simple and I thought I should document it for future ideas and reference.

All I used for this NOTD is a dotting tool, and 2 nail polishes, which in my case were Mavala in 164 Rose Dust, which is a nude brownish tone which I used for the base. Then I used and purple glittery polish for the dots which is Essence in 112 time for romance.

I dotted one dot at the bottom of each nail bed except for the thumb and ring finger where I dotted 3 vertical dots and covered the tip of the nail in dots on my thumb, whereas I dotted 3 diagonal dots on my ring finger.

If you have any simple nail design ideas please let me know, I am always looking forward to try new designs.

Until next time

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