12 week challenge - #newbodymakeover

I've been following a blog called blogilates for quite sometime now, which is a health and fitness blog, and I like how easy she makes healthy eating and living. Recently she announced that she collaborated with weight training  and produced a 12 week meal plan for a total body transformation #newbodymakeover, which I am really excited for. I signed up for this meal plan which will start on the 1st of December. I just received the plan a couple of days ago and it seems really good, all the food in the plan seem really tasty unlike most diets / "healthy meals".
(image adapted from blogilates.com)

The plan comes with a fit journal which is really cool, but unfortunately I am still waiting to receive it, but I will definitely start the challenge this Sunday. My only concern is that some of the food might not be easily available in Malta (which is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea), but I will try to substitute for something else, if you are doing this challenge and have the same issue, let me know .

(image copied from ogorgeous.com)

Well I though I should document my progress to keep myself motivated into finishing the 12 week challenge and adapting my eating habits.

If you follow blogilates or will be following this meal plan let me know how it goes :)

Until next time!

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