New Look - Shoe Purchase

I haven't blogged in quite some time, as I was very busy lately and I haven't bought anything in quite some time. But today it was time to go shopping and stock up on some essentials for the new season.

My first purchase was from new look and I got 2 pairs of shoes, the first one is a nude patent wedge which feels really comfortable and I think is a staple for a spring summer wardrobe (a nice change from the black and dark brown boots I've been wearing all winter) and I think that this would go with almost anything.
The next pair of shoes is a red court shoe and I am really excited about this as I've never owned a red shoes before and I think they are quite "glamorous" and would add a touch of elegance to any outfit. The heel isn't very high nor very low, in my opinion this has the best heel size for my feet. Recently I've really been into navy and white combo and I think a red shoe would go perfectly with such outfit. Not sure what colour handbag would go with it though, should I invest in a red handbag or does a black hand bag go with a red shoe?

Instead of posting photos I thought I would do a very small video to get all angles of the shoes in. Please excuse the quality of the video as this is my first time and am not very steady with the camera and don't own a high quality camera either.

Don't want to have a really long post, so I will be posting my other purchases in separate posts soon!

Until then... :)

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