Weeks 3-5 Progress - #newbodymakeover

chicken & broccoli stir fry
I haven't documented anything here for the past couple of weeks as I have been really busy with work and with the festive season and all, but I will quickly document these weeks into 1 post.

Unfortunately, I haven't followed the plan as much as I liked. I've been tempted with a lot of seasonal festive food and I haven't been able to resist all of it. I followed the breakfast plan everyday except for 2 days, however I skipped like 3 healthy dinners and 2 lunches , which have been swapped for restaurant meals which weren't really healthy choices. My biggest issue however is snacks, I have snacked on some festive sweets and although I didn't take full slices (usually took half or quarter of a slice to moderate my intake) it was still a lot when totaled especially this past week.

Now that the festive season is over and a new year has just started, I have no more excuses to swap my clean eating, and  I will continue the plan to the book! (hopefully)

To kick my own butt and make me think twice before snacking again, I have joined dietbet with blogilates which will start in less than 2 days, and it is a good and fun way to stay motivated. This is the link if you are interested.

Anyone else joined dietbet? what do you thing of such "game"?

Have you been following the plan fully during this festive season. If you have tips on how to stop yourselves from snacking please let me know :)

Here are some more images of the healthy meals I did manage to eat :)
chicken and black bean salad

flourless pizza base

oatmeal + 3 egg whites
turkey & bean salad with rice

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