Sephora Purchases

Following the Kiko Purchases post, I've recently also visited a sephora store and I couldn't decide on what to choose as I really liked a lot of their products. I finally decided on 2 main scents being Peony and cotton and as much as I wanted to try a lot of their makeup products as well this time I settled for more body products.

The first item is a shower gel in Peony which I haven't tried yet but I really love the smell which is a lightva fresh floral scent.

Two more products are a hand cream and a body butter in the scent cotton, and ohhh I cannot stop smelling these products it is so light and clean and fresh and it is one of my current favourite scents.

The last couple of products are a small candle in cotton, and two small handbag friendly sized perfumes in peony and in cotton and last but not least a lipgloss in sheer nude pink which smells and tastes amazing mostly fruit like.

I am quite impressed with these sephora purchases, this was my first purchase from sephora as these are not available in my country but I certainly hope it wouldn't be my last!

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