Healthy Foods: Yoghurt


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A little bit of History:

Made by adding lactic acid bacteria to milk, yoghurt is a fermented dairy product with a slightly sour, but mild flavour. Its original Turkish name, Yoghurmak, means 'to thicken' and it has been consumed in Middle Eastern, Asian and Eastern European countries for centuries.


Live yoghurt provides the most benefits - the bacterial cultures boost your immune system and help maintain healthy digestion. As well as being a good source of calcium, it also contains vitamins B2, B5 and B12, biotin, zinc, selenum, potassium and protein - a combination of nutrients that makes it a complete health supporting food.

  • Spoon your yoghurt into tomato and vegetable soups and stir
  • use as a breakfast topping, with crushed nuts and honey on muesli or fruit salads
  • Server with a sprig of mint as a side dish to help cool down a red hot curry
  • Mix with water and sugar to make the Indian drinking yoghurt lassi, or use to thicken fruit smoothies

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