Healthy Foods: Honey


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A little bit of History:

Apiculture dates back to 700BC and ancient cultures regarded the sweet nectar of the bees as sacred. That it is still enjoyed today is thanks to the hardworking bee, who collects flower nectar in its mouth and mixes it with its saliva to make honey


Raw honey is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Organic brands may also contain proplis, which are among the recently researched phytonutrients believed to be anti-cancer and tumor fighting compounds.


  • Honey is usually pasteurised, but raw brands are available from health food stores and farmer's markets; a darker colour also indicates richer flavour
  • Use honey as an alternative to refined sugars in your tea and coffee
  • Stir into plain youghurt and add chopped dates as a simple Eastern dessert
  • Enjoy drizzled over banana or peanut butter on whole grain toast
  • Melt a teaspoon into cider vinegar and shake to use as a salad dressing

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