Healthy Foods: Almonds


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A little bit of History:

Almonds are technically the seed of the fruit, not nut, of the almond tree. This tasty seed is freshest suring midsummer


Almonds contain monunsaturated fats that help reduce heart disease and lower your cholesterol. These fats are also thought to help people control weight and are considered an effective replacement to low-calorie meals that are full of carbohydrates. The trace minerals in almonds such as manganese, copper and riboflavin, boost your energy stores. Biotin, a B vitamin, keeps your skin healthy and maintains the nervous system.


  • When roasting almonds keep the oven at around 100 degrees to preserve all the healthy oils.
  • Try serving some roasted almonds mixed with a collection of green beans
  • If you want to eat something a little unusual but very tasty, opt for almonds mixed with pumpkin seeds
  • Add an unexpected crunchy twist to your favourite rice dishes by including toasted almonds
  • To give yourself a quick energy boost during the day, snack on some roasted almonds

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