I have recently posted a picture of my nails with a quick and simple design here, and I decided to post and image with a quick description of how I achieved the look every time I do a design which I like and is quick and simple enough to do another time. So here is my NOTD #2

As I have said in my previous post, I am not very good at nails design, and this time again, I have used the dotting tool to help me embellish my nails from just simple coat of colour.

The base colour is a navy blue, lightly shimmered from essence in 76 hard to resist. I love the navy blue colour in every thing and I love this colour especially this time of year as a different alternative to red. 

I then used my dotting tool  and a white (manicure) polish to dot flower like designs on my thumb and ring finger, whereas on my other nails I dotted 3 dots on the left hand side of each.

Do you do nail art yourselves? Do you have any quick nail art tips especially for the festive season?

Until next time!

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