Product Empties #1

As you will notice from this post I have bought quite a lot of samples lately to try  out various products and see if they are good for my skin before spending my money on full size products, nevertheless being sample I will still include them in my empties.

My first empty bottle is the Liz Earle Skin Boost Tonic - This is the Liz Earle toner as they only make 1 Toner. I really like this toner it feels soft and calming on my skin and I really like the scent. I think this is a good value for money as 200ml cost around €16 which I think is quite reasonable for a good toner. My only concern is that I am not sure of its ingredients, I am still learning on skin care ingredients so please if any one knows if the ingredients are good for the skin without any "bad" stuff, please let me know.

Another Empty is the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser - I like this product as it feels soft and gentle on my skin, and I think I will be re purchasing this product although it is not as gentle as the Pai Cleanser on my skin, I do like the texture and scent.

I've finished another cleanser 'sample' in the last couple of months which is the Pai Camelia & Rose Hydrating Cleanser. I consider this as one of my favourite cleansers, I love the smell, it is very sensitive even on the most sensitive days and the texture is soft and creamy. I will definitely re purchase this one and I already have a new one as I like it so much.

One more cleanser sample I used up is the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser. This cleanser is really gentle on my skin and I use this as a morning cleanse especially in summer when my skin is more on the oily side. I already ordered a full size of this cleanser as I have noticed a difference in my skin when using this cleanser in the morning.

I wasn't sure if I should post these empties being all sample sizes, but I think all of these products are really good thus I thought they would be worth documenting.

Until next time...

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