Recent Purchases #2

I have bought quite a few items recently and I have more items on the way but I thought I should get on with the ones I already have, so the post would not be too long and boring.

I have recently gone to the body shop and bought a couple of items, and also have a couple more items on my wishlist including make up products which I will be trying out soon.

I will start off with the body shop products;

The Body Shop body butters

I have bought 2 body butters; Moringa and Coconut. They are of 2 different sizes the moringa is 200ml and the coconut in 50ml. Mainly because I wanted a travel friendly size and also because I've always wanted to try the coconut body butter because I love coconut scent but I wasn't sure if the scent will be too strong for continuous use. I have been using both these products for a couple of days and I have been loving both scents. I love the moringa scent for summery days as the scent is so fresh and not too overpowering.

The Body Shop Body Mist

I have also bought 2 body mist (it seems like I have been buying everything in 2's). The scents are vanilla, which is one of my all time favourite scents and water lily which is a light fresh scent.

Budget Buy;

Dove hair therapy conditioner intensive repair

I have bought this conditioner after reading good reviews on such product range on Nouvelle and gh0st parties blogs. I really love the smell, it is sweet and soft and this product is intended for repairing damaged hair. I have only used it a couple of times so I cannot actually review this products, but I'm liking it so far and I am definitely sold by the scent.

Random item

One more item I have bought recently is a bag which I am currently using on a daily basis and am loving the colour. It is a Red Herring bag in mint and beige from Debenhams. This is a very big bag which can fit in a lot of items. I use this bag for work as it fits all my need comfortably including papers and laptop. One drawback of this bag is that it does not have compartments which I usually love but I am using different make up bag sizes to organize my stuff

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