June Favourites

Most of this month's favorites have been popular choices for the past couple of months. Most of the products are beauty products, but one is a miscellaneous item that I have recently tried and really loved.

On to the favourites;

My first favourite is a lip balm which is the burts bees honey lipbalm. I really love this product and have been using it for a couple of months now. This is also good in hotter especially when staying in artificial air most of the time due to the heat. This product leaves my lips smooth and hydrated all the time. It is also hygenic due to being in a tube instead of having to dig in your finger in a jar.

Another favourite is a blush, which is the body shop all in one cheek blush in colour bubblegum. I've been liking the colour of this product for the last couple of months. It has the excellent colour of pink for my skin tone which is very pale and it gives me a really healthy look without going overboard.

Staying on the pink tone, I really like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish Devotion 015. Its bright pink colour makes it an excellent choice for hot days when all you put on your face is mascara, blush and lip balm.

As for nail polishes I couldn't just pick one colour, but I am really liking the nails inc spring summer 2013 collection, it has amazing pastel / bright colours. I also love the Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat, which makes your nail polish touch dry in 60seconds! I've been using this product for a couple of months now and I am on to my 4th or 5th bottle. Since I discovered this product, I haven't used any other topcoat, the Sally Hansen Insta Dry is amazing.

One more favourite this month is not really beauty related, it is a Hair Doghnut. I've bought one last year but never used it. Recently I've been seeing a lot of people with nice updo's and I've decided to try it. I really like it, it gives a smart look and it is also a great way of keeping your hair off your shoulders in this hot weather.

These are all of my most used, favourite products during the month of June, looking forward to try new products this month :)

Until next time :)

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