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I used to go magazine crazy every time I went into a bookshop, which was at least once a month, I used to buy all sorts of magazines and they always varied from time to time. Since I've started following blogs, which I follow quite a lot because I'm interested in all sorts of things, I've been buying less magazines, but I still have 3 current favourite magazines which I am subscribed to (avoiding unnecessary trips to book shops) also making sure I won't miss out on my favourite issues.

The first one is Essentials Magazine, which is quite an all rounder, this is a monthly magazine varying from beauty, and health to various articles, recipes and simple DIY ideas for homes and gardens. This magazine emphasizes real women, and the cover star is not some famous person, like most magazines, but real people whose stories are in the inside pages. The recipes and DIY ideas are carefully located and grouped together in the magazine which makes them easy to cut out and keep. The recipes are usually pretty simple and easy to try out, varied from time to time and carefully selected according to season.

Another Magazine I really Style at Home which as its name implies is a home styling magazine. This includes features and articles of real homes and is excellent for ideas for various rooms, various styles and are mostly on a medium to low budget. Most issues include 100 style tips on various items such as carpets, organizing, wallpaper, kitchen ideas etc.The center section consist of a small booklet full or recipes and each recipe is assigned a cost per person to give an idea how much a certain meal would cost. The recipes vary from starters, main course as well as desserts and sweet ideas.

Lastly, 1 more magazine I adore is Feel Good You. This magazine is a subsidiary of the Women and Home magazine and is only issued 4 times a year; Spring, Summer, Autumn and New Year. This magazine is divided into 7 main categories; Your Wellbeing, Beautiful You, Lose Weight-Eat Well, Get Fit -Tone up, Your Health, Inner You, and The Rest. Each section is full of useful and interesting information, tips and ideas related to the title of the section and all with the current season in mind so they all vary from one issue to another. After each section, there is a short thought page related to the section which is full of small tips related to the topic.

I would love to know what your favourite magazine are,  let me know in the comments down below :)

Gonna go continue reading my current issues, until next time :)

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